Computer Rack

I’m getting ever closer to completing my rack.
Currently i have the following mounted in it :-
  • 3u Server PC
    • Chenbro RM311 rackmount case with 8 hotswap drive bays
    • Sempron 64-bit 3000+ processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 80 GB O/S Hard Drive
    • 6 x 200 GB Hard Drives in a software RAID-5
    • 2 x Hauppauge PVR 250 analogue TV tuner cards
    • Radeon 7000 video card
  • 24-port Cat 5E patch panel
  • 24-port 100Mb network switch
  • 8-port 1Gb network switch

I also have a UPS in the bottom of the rack. It’s not rack mounted but it’ll do. It only powers the server pc for about a minute when the power cuts out, but it’s enough time to shutdown and not have 7 hard drives crash!

I am awaiting delivery of a picoPSU to complete my router PC. I am modding a generic 1u case to fit it all in. It consists of the following :-

  • EPIA800 Motherboard
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 720 MB laptop hard drive
  • 60W power brick

Yesterday i punched in all but one of my wired network ports into the patch panel. They all worked perfectly afterwards too.

Next job will be to tidy up the mess of cables with some clips which i will screw into the wooden frame of the rack.

Then i’ll need to build a shelf on top of the wooden frame to sit the belkin 4-way KWM, mini keyboard, mouse and 10.4″ colour LCD screen i have. They’re all currently sitting on a spare piece of chipboard resting on the top of the rack’s wooden frame.

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