Back to the gym

Went to the gym today during my lunch break. It’s scary how much fitness and strength i’ve lost in the 8 weeks i didn’t go after the BIRC 2005 rowing competition. (We went on holiday, then it was christmas, then i got a cold etc etc) I just managed a time of 3:19.9 for 1000 metres (still it’s an improvement on the 3:29.0 i did on saturday) At the BIRC i did 2000 in 6:25.6 which is 3:12.8 for 1000 twice over!
At least i’m going back now, hopefully i’ll get back into the routine and get myself even fitter for BIRC 2006 this November. I hope to break 6:15 by the time i get to the competition. A training time of around 6:20 would be nice just before the competition, then the adrenalin on the day should get me the rest.

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