Mock the Week

Went to see Mock the Week being recorded down in London last night.
Very funny, especially the bits they did when they weren’t recording! I have to say, my hands were hurting by the end of it from all the clapping. It took 3 hours to film and we spent about ¼ of that time clapping. The rest was spent laughing.
Dara O’Briain was very funny, in fact everyone was, including the producer when he was getting up to practice our applause, gasping, snorting and laughing out loud!
It was a bit of a trek to get down there. A 2 hour drive to a train station (where i was lucky enough to get a car parking space), then a 10 minute tube ride. 5 hours later, after grabbing something to eat and watching the show, another 10 minute tube ride and a 90 minute drive (less traffic at 2230). Getting home at midnight totally knackered. But it was well worth it. I’d highly recommend it.
You do get to see alot more live. There was long spells where it was continuous recording, where it was just like watching the show on TV, except all the sections took much longer. They must cut it down to the jokes that got the biggest laughs on the night. It’ll be interesting to see what the show looks like when it goes out tomorrow.

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