I took part in the Tour de Box last week (Thursday 6th September 2007). It’s a team-based tandem bike ride in aid of the NSPCC. There were three teams (Red, Blue & Yellow) in a race from ByBox’s Milton Keynes Hub to the Coventry Hub via a couple of stops, where we had to do some non-bike related challenges. My team (Red) were 2 people down, so with only 8 of us pedalling it was quite a slog. Far too many hills for my liking, well going down them is fun but not going up them. When i was up-front with Amy on the back we managed to clock up 37.9 mph going down a hill, but i think Amy had her feet off the pedals at that point!
I reckon i pedalled for at least 26 of the 57 miles we covered. But that’s not official as no-one was keeping count.
If you’re reading this and haven’t sponsored me or someone else who took part, or even if you feel like giving more; Visit this page :-
My personal seating area (bottom) was a bit tender the Friday and some of the Saturday after the event, but it was all for a good cause. Besides that it was also good fun and a good was of getting to know people.

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