2k Erg Test

I did a 2k erg test last night. Got a time of 6:46.3, which isn’t too bad. It’s about 5 seconds quicker than the last one I did. There was plenty more power & endurance left in me, but until you’ve done a few you don’t really know where your fitness levels and pain threshold is at. I’m sure once I get more training under my belt that time will start to drop. I think I’ll enter the BIRC this year, you can’t get a PB every year. It’s a nice day out and it’ll give me something to beat next year!

I’m also racing in the Nottingham Head, or at least I hope I am. If we can’t get enough rowers for the 8, and a cox, then I won’t be. We did the equivalent distance of the Nottingham Head last weekend,in the 4 as not enough people turned up to get the 8 out. This was on the Trent, and felt pretty good at time, especially when I stopped looking at my blade and looked straight ahead. I could get in sync with the rest of the crew much easier when I can see their movements up and down the slide.

Anyway, it’s all coming along quite nicely. I’m committed to the club now as I’ve ordered an all-in-one and a bunch of training clothing.

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