Burton Head 2007

For my 2nd on-the-water race, I didn’t have far to travel as it was at my club.

The whole day was really enjoyable, especially being out on the water. Instead of putting out and 8, as we did at Nottingham, we entered a 4, as we were struggling to get the people to commit to an 8. It was my third time rowing on bow-side, but it started to get a lot better for some reason during the paddle up to the start. I actually started to get a slightly different feel to the boat, I could almost feel the water rushing under the shell. I think it’s down to the fact that I’m getting comfortable feathering the blade without actually watching it; So I’m looking forward, which in turn allows me to keep better time with the man in front, which in turn balances the boat more.

There was a bit of a traffic jam in the staging area. One crew managed to find a nice branch to hold on to in order to stop themselves drifting down river. This caused everyone else to get stacked up in a pretty limited space, so there were a few collisions with some heated comments passed. But, it all worked out in the end, but still I thought it a bit rude and quite selfish of that crew to mess everyone else up like that.

The actual race went really well for me personally. I only caught one crab, but from what I heard it wasn’t the worst one of the day. I missed a few strokes but generally rowed quite well. We managed to keep some good pressure on for most of the race, with a few big pushes, which I felt I actually contributed to. Far more so than in the 8 at the Nottingham head. I certainly felt much more tired at the finish line that I did at Nottingham.

We didn’t win, but two of us were carrying a cold. Our time was 12:48 and the winning crew’s time in our category was 12:04.7

A really good day, and a step in the right direction.

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