Good and Bad

Yesterday I went out in a coxed four, it went really well. We did some technical exercises, outside hand only square blades, inside hand only, single and double strokes, some power strokes. In fact, it was the best I’d ever done square blades. I thought it was going really well.

During one of our pieces, a 4k free rate, one of our blades clipped the blade of a single. This caused the sculler to lose grip on the blade, which imbalanced the boat and in she went, pretty damn quickly. We stopped and alerted the guys in the launch, who sped to her rescue. We stuck around for a minute to make sure she was okay, then continued on our piece. About 3k into the piece my left forearm muscles “cramped” up, so I could no longer feather the blade. I caught three crabs in quick succession. We had a quick chat and decided to carry on but at a lower rate, but I struggled with that, so we spun round and headed back, with me not doing anything other than sitting the boat. So, I felt pretty bad about messing up the session, and I started to get a bit cold too! By the time we got back to the boat shed, my hand was able to move again. But, I think it needs a rest before doing too much again.

Since it was a maintenance day at the club I lent a hand and consequently have a sore back from too much bending down!! While we were doing a bit of clearing up outside, we heard that another boat had sunk, apparently they hit something while turning and put a hole in the shell.

So, if I’ve learnt anything from all this, it’s that I need to say “no” sometimes. Both to myself and to others.

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