Row your troubles away.

I went out in a double last night with a friend who has taken it upon himself to teach me to scull properly, and it seems to be working so far. We’ve been out for a couple of sessions so far, all technical exercises, no real exersion as such.

It felt much more relaxed than when I’ve been out doing pieces. I’m starting to get the hang of finishing square, or at least more square than I was. I’m also not looming so much now, I’m also squaring earlier, things are just getting better generally. And I am enjoying it much more than when I’m struggling on a piece. Last Tuesday I felt like packing it in as I had a horrendous session.

But, yesterday I was paddling along feeling nice and relaxed, then it suddenly occurred to me that all I could hear was the birds singing and the gentle rush of the water against the boat. Sweet.

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