Vista + UltraVNC

I finally figured out how to connect to a vista machine via UltraVNC today. 🙂

I upgraded to 1.0.4 RC14 which has a number of fixes for vista. I was constantly getting the “no default password set” message, so I changed the winvnc.exe.config file so the the AuthRequired setting was 0 (zero). This then allowed me to connect and enter my password.

The reason for doing this was to set up my newly built Media PC to work with my HDTV. I had set it up using my Hyundai 24″ monitor, which happens to have a HDMI socket, so that was a bit more convenient that sitting on the floor in front of my TV!

Anyway, I finally managed to get a picture to appear on the HDTV. Now I’ve got that I can plug in a keyboard and mouse (I have a nice wireless one I can get set up on there, see below) and do the final configuration.

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