Northwich Sprint Regatta Preparations

This weekend just gone I’ve been doing quite a lot of rowing. Saturday was a session in a quad, which was hard work. Personally, I don’t enjoy going out in a quad as much as a double or a 4. I think that’s just down to the fact that I’m still pretty raw at sculling and the quad moves much quicker than a double, so I find myself being rushed all the time.

On Sunday morning I was out in the 4, which I thought went really well, for me anyway. I don’t think the other guys were too impressed, at least during the first part of the session. But, things improved drastically in the latter part. I was quite surprised how quickly I got back into sweep oar, as I’ve not been out in anything but quads and doubles for a few months now. I found myself enjoying the outing much more than any outing I have recently, I guess sweep oar is more familiar territory to me. I really felt like I was helping the boat run smoothly and in the last 20-30 seconds of the pieces we were doing I felt like I could get some real pressure on. It remains to be seen how that will translate into a performance in the 8 on Monday.

Yesterday I was back in a quad, this time doing flat out 1 minute pieces with a minutes rest between. I really have lost a lot of fitness recently, because I’ve backed right off training due to a back injury. Still, it’ll come back pretty quickly once I get going on the ergo regularly. John was at stroke and was quite difficult to follow because he hasn’t got the 2-to-1 ratio of recovery-to-drive yet. So, it all felt a bit rushed and even panicked at times. But, credit where it’s due, after a few pointers he really improved that quite significantly. One of the guys got a twinge in his back, an old injury, so we decided to not take part in the return journey flat-out pieces, and paddled back. Towards the end of that return paddle the boat seemed to sit quite nicely and we got some good rhythm going.

Anyway, during the 1 minute flat-out pieces we did take part in, I managed to cope with the rate (mid-30s). So that was quite pleasing. I was also pleased that I had the time to figure out what I was doing wrong whenever I caught a bad stroke and correct it for the next one.

So, it’s all progressing nicely. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at times, and I begin to question what a 36 year old bloke is doing even thinking about doing these things! But, if you don’t push yourself beyond your limits, what’s the point right?!

2 responses to “Northwich Sprint Regatta Preparations

  1. Indeed!!!!

    “if you don’t push yourself beyond your limits, what’s the point right?!”

    Enjoyed reading your Blog, have you shown this to the guys?

    Cheers, Bob

  2. I have installed a facebook application that consumes the RSS feed from this blog and posts updates into my friends notification areas. So, I would hope they’ve seen it. I haven’t directly told them about it though.

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