Student turned teacher…..

…. well sort of.

I found myself offering tips on better rowing technique to a couple of people over the weekend. Both of them have just started out and are making all the same mistakes I made, and still do sometimes. Some of them being:-

  • Squaring too late
  • Burying the spoons
  • Not extracting square
  • Rushing up the slide

Rather bizarrely it helped me concentrate on what I was doing wrong. I think it also helped me because I was at 3 (in a quad, that is behind the stroke man). Both time the guy behind me was the newbie, so he was trying to follow what I was doing. So, being forced to set an example actually sharpened up my technique.

I still caught a crab though, but I reckon that because of one of the tidal waves I got from the newbie whenever he didn’t extract squarely.

All in all though, we had some good sessions and the general balance and running of the boat improved as we went along.

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