How odd!

I experienced something new tonight at the rowing club. Getting the least amount of comments from the coach! That’s a first 🙂

I also found myself helping out the other guys in the coxed four with calls for squaring up earlier, extracting square, hand heights and the reference point (the place where you pull the handle of the oar through to). During the latter stages of our outing I also found my self sitting the boat by adjusting my hand heights throughout each stroke. I wouldn’t say it was rock solid, but I’m certain what I was doing was helping the boat to run smoother while the least experienced rower in the boat was getting some one-on-one coaching.

Our session tonight was three 8 minute pieces at rate 24,26 and 24. We did surprisingly well considering we had a complete novice in the boat. We were actually just about holding an eight off, albeit with only 7 rowers in there. Apparently, the head count went slightly awry!

After the eight collided with part of a tree that was lying in the river we pulled away quite quickly. Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the accident, the boat however was damaged quite badly.


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