Take your socks off first!

Because of the upcoming Burton Regatta, the coach wanted to try out different crew combinations. So, last night I was in a coxed four with one experience rower and two very inexperienced rowers. For whatever reason the two newbies both ended up on stroke side, so the boat never really sat properly. Plus, the guy on stroke had only been out twice in a sweep oar boat before, both of those times in the middle of an eight. So, he was really struggling. Add to everything else that at stroke the available width within the boat decreases rapidly during the recovery up the slide, and he’s not what I’d call svelte!

So, another first for me, we decided to swap around. I would go on stroke and he would sit behind me at three. Since we were already quite a way from the boathouse and had already completed five of the ten one minute pieces we were supposed to be doing, we decided to find a shallow bit of river and swap round there. So, once we both took our socks off, we swapped. But then there was a problem with the shoes, so we drifted downstream for about 5 minutes while that was sorted. All the time with me holding two oars trying to balance the boat. During all of this we were all having a good laugh, well you have to see the funny side of things some times.

After the swap around and we’d eventually got ourselves sorted out the boat sat much better and we started to get something out of the session, purely from a technical point of view.

All good fun 🙂

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