New PC

I have recently built a new PC for my general use, but mainly to use as a fast PC for software development. I’ve not taken the normal route for this. Rather than having a PC in the office, I have built a rack mounted PC and added it to my existing 19″ rack. I have run an active USB extension cable through the walls into the office, along with a headphone extension cable (which will go straight into my speakers) and a DVI extender. The extender takes the DVI signal from the PC and sends it to a receiver box in the study over CAT5e cabling. So far it seems to be working brilliantly. The only downside is that it’s eerily quiet! It’s a very wierd sensation to have all that computing power with absolutely no noise. It’s so quiet now that I can hear a faint buzzing noise from my LCD monitor.

The specification for the PC (so far) is :-

CPU Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Memory 8 GB DDR2 800
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P
System Hard Drive 2 x 160 GB Western Digital SATA2 in a RAID1
Graphics Sapphire 512MB Radeon HD 3650

The next step will be to build a RAID0 for the data drive. But I am not sure how many hard drives to put in it. I have the option of going for up to 6 drives, but there is a trade off with the reliability of it. The more drives the more vulnerable it is to failure. But, it’ll be data that will be backed up elsewhere anyway.

Update – 15th September 2008
I have moved this to a web page (rather than a blog post).

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