A single sculler in the making

Today I went out in a single for the third time. It has been a few weeks since my last time in a single, so I was a little shaky to begin with, but within a few minutes I’d got my confidence back. Pretty soon I was moving up and down the slide quite comfortably. This time my feet were adjusted before I set off, so I had enough room at back stops, which meant I could steer much better. I consequently managed to get in a few good little spells of sculling, without having to constantly correct my course.

As there was a show going on further up river at the jet ski club I couldn’t do my usual distance up river, instead I had to turn around a few times more than usual. Which was probably a good thing, as it gave me chance to practise my boat manouvering. Also, as all the other rowing boats on the river were doing the same thing, there was a bit more “traffic” than usual. So, my steering improved a bit as a side affect of not getting in the way of the more experienced folk. At one point, after I’d just turned the boat around, I managed to push away from a few singles on their way back down. During my first outing I would rag it round in order to correct my course. Whereas, today I was learning to adjust my course gradually and not interrupt my flow too much.

I got in a few good stints where I was rowing at about 3/4 slide and putting in a reasonable amount of pressure, probably about 50-60% of max for 10 or 15 strokes. So, after a stressful week at work it was just what I needed. The weather was pretty good too, so that helped. All in all I was pretty pleased with my progress, and also with the fact that I stayed dry again 🙂

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