Visual Studio 2008 + Resharper = Immediate exit!

So, I started work today ready to try and fix yesterdays lingering problems. I load up Visual Studio 2008, click on my website link in the start window, it starts to load getting as far as telling me I have 11 projects in my solution, then it exits. What ??!?!?!?

No error message, no visible crash of any kind, not even a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). So after 5 minutes of cursing and chuntering at the sheer stupidity of what just happened, I started looking for a solution. My first port of call was the Event Viewer, I found this error:-

.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.1434 – Fatal Execution Engine Error (79FEC5F0) (80131506)

On googling it I find that many other people are having the exact same issue. What’s more there didn’t seem to be a common solution that fixed the problem for all. The first thing I checked was for the existence of any Manifest tags in any of my included csproj files, as that was suggested as a possible cause. No joy there. Next stop was Add-Ins, specifically Resharper as I’d seen that mentioned a few times in my google search results. I disabled the three add-ins I have installed and tried reloading the website solution. Eureka!! it loaded.

So, it was one of my add-ins. I re-enabled them one at a time, re-loading the website solution each time. Well, it turned out to be Resharper causing the problem after all. So, it’s now disabled. I’m very frustrated by this, as I built a new development PC with enough raw grunt to be able to run things like that. My development laptop just grinded to a halt with Resharper installed. So, I’m basically back to square one.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there get past a very annoying and frustrating problem. I still cannot believe the stupidity of just having a program, whether it’s visual studio or even something as simple as notepad, just silently close itself down with no indication of what went wrong. Having to look in the Event Viewer to find the solution is next to useless. I’d have though a piece of software such as Visual Studio would be more likely to throw up an error, as the people using it are by definition more technically minded.

Rant over, and back to work.

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