Seven and counting (hopefully!)

I have now been out in a single scull a grand total of seven times, and I have yet to get wet. Well at least from falling in. I’ve built up enough confidence to start doing some sprints and during one on those today I managed to splash myself from my own blade. It was only a little splash, but a splash it was! I guess that means I’m trying hard, that together with the fact that after the last few outings my legs have been aching. Then again, that could just mean that I’m not very fit at the moment šŸ™‚

It’s just a case of building up confidence and allowing myself to stretch out to be fully compressed. To aid with that I tried a little exercise today where I would hold at the catch for a split second longer than I should. In theory that should help me to get more of a feeling for balancing the boat with the blades squared and clear of the water.

Of course that’s complete guesswork, as apart from about 10 minutes whilst returning from my first solo outing, I’ve not really had any one-on-one coaching. So I’m pretty much trying to apply all the things I’ve learnt from being in a crew sculling boat to my solo sessions.

I managed to land myself today, although it wasn’t the cleanest of landings. I did keep my dryness percentage at 100!

So, it’s been a good weekend, with 3 sessions on the water. Hopefully the weather will be good enough for me to continue improving throughout the winter months.


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