Another 2 dry outings

With the nights starting to draw in pretty quickly, It’s getting quite dark by 7pm, I’ve been getting to the rowing club a little earlier during the week to squeeze in as much on-the-water time as possible.

Tuesday was good as I went out in a wintech single, I’ve got used to that one now as I’ve been out in it 5 or 6 times already. I got some good work in, and even managed to go past someone. We were only paddling, but still, progress is progress 🙂

Yesterday I had to use a different boat as the wintech was already in use. So, I ended up in a sims, which I was told was a much finer boat so would be more sensitive. If anything, it sat much nicer on the water and I found it more stable when coming forward towards the catch. I was in a bit of a rush to get out on the water because I only had about 90 minutes of light left. So, I quickly glanced at the feet which looked okay. I didn’t look at the slides, which were much to far forward. The end effect being that I couldn’t get my legs straight in the boat, so my calf muscles are a bit tight this morning.

But, I kept the boat upright again. I think that’s now nine outings without going in, so I’m pretty pleased. It would have been nice to be able to get my legs straightened out in the sims just to so how it compares to the wintech when I start putting some power into the drive.

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