As detailed in previous posts I have a slightly non-standard setup with my PC. The PC itself it mounted in a 19″ rack (home made) and I have cabling for the Video and USB to my desk. I did originally have a headphone extension lead, but for some reason that only worked in mono. So, I ditched that and now use a pair of Logitech Z-10 USB speakers. I also have a USB keyboard, mouse, headset, card reader and DVD drive.

Anyway, the video cable was originally a 10 metre DVI cable I had spare. Somehow I managed to run that down to my desk, despite it having an enormous connector and RF suppression sleeve. I got quite a few wierd video interference artifacts using that. Mainly in the form of horizontal blue or yellow lines. I lived with it for a few months as I could get them to dissappear by changing whether my applications were full screen or just made almost the size of the desktop. It got to the point where I’d had enough, so I invested in a couple of 7 metre shielded HDMI cables. Apparently HDMI was designed to be run through walls, or at least the connector was. And it shows. The cables I’ve bought are also sheathed in woven nylon, so they pull though far easier than the rubberised DVI cable.

So, I now have a perfect picture on my monitor. I bought another cable, just in case I decide to go dual monitor in the future.

So in conclusion, DVI is *NOT* good for running through walls, HDMI is.

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