Several steps

It has been a while since I wrote about my rowing exploits, so I thought I’d catch up. Since my last post I have not managed to keep myself dry! In fact I have fell in twice, both times while landing. Landing is the term used for getting the boat back alongside the bank (landing stage) after a session. The first time I brought my oar parallel to the bank too soon, didn’t get my angle of approach quite right and when the boat stopped it just flipped on it’s side. If my oar hadn’t been parallel to the bank I would have been able to use it to stop the boat going in. I realised that after the second time I did it!

Anyway, I’ve apparently moved on several steps in terms of my rowing/sculling technique. Whereas previously I would have fell to pieces when fatigued I can now hold it together and keep things relatively tidy. My technique is generally smoother and I also don’t bury the blades quite so much now. I still do it when putting some power down, but that will come with time.

This weekend just gone we went out just before the snow hit the UK, so it was very very cold and very very windy. We rowed through some pretty awful conditions up stream, but that was nothing to the journey back downstream. The wind was so strong that at the catch on pretty much every stroke the boat would stop and actually start going back up stream some times, such was the strength of the wind. I also had a few waves crashing over my legs, my inside hand (we were rowing, not sculling) also got drenched a fair few times by the waves lapping up the side of the boat. A piece that would normally take us 16 minutes took over 25 minutes, one of the other guys said “I don’t think there is much we can take from that session”, to which I replied “no, just survival!”

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