Back to sculling

Today I was back in a double rather than the coxed four. I was in the double with a very experience sculler who I have had quite a few outings with before. We hope to form a partner ship in the long term and race at some of the bigger regattas / heads.

Anyway, in the past this guy has had to sit the boat for me because my technique and balance was basically crap. The boat would wobble quite a bit whenever he’d join in. But, today the boat sat pretty nicely, so I must be progressing in terms of balance and technique to be able to do that now.

We did a coule of fartlek pyramids, these consist of a number of full pressure sprints with a short rest between each sprint. Today we did 0:30 on, 0:30 rest, 1:00 on, 1:00 rest, 1:30 on, 1:30 rest, 2:00 on, 1:30 rest, 1:30 on, 1:00 rest, 1:00 on, 0:30 rest and 0:30 on.

During the first piece in the last 1:00 at full pressure we were really making the boat move well, we were also pretty quick in the next 0:30 piece, but that 1:00 I was really pleased with, as the technique was clean, there was good power going in to each stroke, the drive to recovery ratio was good and the rate was pretty good for me. We held at around 34 spm for the duration of the piece.

However, I’m told that the last 1:00 piece during our 2nd fartlek pyramid was better. Uncharted territory according the the coaches, as I was rating 36 to 37 spm for most of the 1:00 piece. But, I’m sure I’ve rated that high before, but only in race situations and never keeping the technique as clean as I did today and being as tired as I was.

So, some good progress this weekend, and some promising signs for the coming season.

I just wish I didn’t have to get up so early, 5am on Saturday and 6am on Sunday!


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