Good Progress

Today’s training was a whole bunch of technical exercises, including hands of the rubbers, lots of square blading, slide progression and 3 x 2k pieces. Well, we actually we did 2 x 8 minute pieces and the last being a piece of just over 2k. The first piece went “okay”, but the second piece was pretty good, with some solid work being put in and we kept it together quite well too. Our stroke rate held at about 35 all the way through, topping out at around 40 during the start. The last piece was by far our best, now I’m not sure if it was our fastest as our legs were pretty much gone 3 minutes in, and we were just doing our best to hold it together. We managed to pull back a 15 second head start on another crew and fought it out with them for the middle of the 2k piece, pulling ahead with about 700 metres to go and increasing our lead to 7 or 8 second by the time we crossed the line. Admittedly we were racing a crew made up of a 16 and 14 year old, they are pretty good scullers though. So we had a really good push in the last 100 metres or so to hold off a late surge from them, we managed to bring the rate up to 36/37. I will say that just 4 weeks ago, Rob and I couldn’t even sit the boat properly. That was entirely down to me, so I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve been making recently, but I also know I’ve still got a very long way to go.

We’ve done about 45km of river training this weekend, and I am very optimistic that things will keep improving šŸ™‚

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