Northwich Regatta 2009

On the 25th May I travelled up to Northwich with my girlfriend in tow. Her first regatta since last year’s home regatta at Burton. I was in 2 crews, a coxed 4 (Intermediate 2) and a coxless quad (Intermediate 3).

We’d only been out as a crew training twice before the regatta, the first session was terrible and it wasn’t looking too good. But we all seemed to click in the second session, so things were looking up. That upbeat feeling continued into out heat which we won by 2/3rds of a length in a very closely fought race to put ourselves into the final. We all knew we’d need to improve a lot in order to win the event. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and we lost by a length in another closely fought race. It was all a bit messy and we did well to get it together to put a big push on towards the finish line, another 15 or 20 strokes and we would have gone through our opposition from Pengwern Boat Club of Shrewsbury.

I had higher hopes for the coxless quad as that is more of a regular fixture during training. As it turned out we were beaten in our heat. I suspect if we weren’t kept waiting at the start by our opposition for over an hour we would probably have won. The competitors are sent up to the start line in batches, our opposition missed their slot despite us telling them we were going up to the start. I was really annoyed by that, I have to say I’ll not be too eager to go to that regatta again. Justice was served in the end as they lost in the final to a crew of ankle biters!! 😉

It was a really enjoyable day, just marred a bit by the crap we had to endure with the quad.


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