Loughborough Regatta 2009

On the 13th of July (the day before my holiday) I went up to the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham for the 2009 Loughborough Regatta.

I had just one event this time, the coxless quad in the Intermediate 3 category. Because of the brilliant facilities at the NWSC it was a straight final even with 6 entries. We were actually given an official warning for turning up late, but then so were 3 other crews. I think the officials were getting a bit bored up there at the start!

Anyway, prior to this regatta we’d all been training in this boat pretty regularly so were hopeful of doing well.

Unfortunately the bow man missed his first 2 strokes, which put us down a length on most of the other crews. Once we got into it and hit our race pace we soon rowed through them and reeled in the leading crews. We were in 3rd place with an overlap on the 2nd placed crew with 500 metres to go (of the 1000m course). I think due to lack of fitness and high rate training we slacked off the power for a couple hundred metres and the 1st and 2nd placed crews pulled away from us, but the 4th, 5th and 6th placed crews were still falling behind. We made a push in the last 250m to the finish and did start to come back on the 2 leading crews but it was too little too late. We crossed the line in a respectable time of 3:39.4.

In all a good effort, which we will obviously have to build upon. More higher rater training on the water and more fitness training are in order.

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