Burton Regatta 2009

This year for my home regatta I switched from during sweep oar to only competing in sculling events. I’ve been consistently rowing as part of a crew in a coxless quad this season. We’ve come close to winning events a few times recently, usually losing out by just a few feet. Concentrating on just the one event this year, the coxless quad, made for a much more relaxing day!

Our straight final in the Intermediate 3 event was against Warrington RC. I don’t actually remember much about the race apart from the last 200 metres. We were neck and neck and it felt like we were gradually falling behind. Kenny, our bow man made a call for a push for the line. We all responded instantly picked up the boat speed and pushing past them for a win by a third of a length. I actually had my first experience of tunnel vision in a rowing boat in that final push. We all just seemed to get in sync together and really pushed as hard as we possible could. I remember my legs being quite painful after the exertion. We were all completely spent as we crossed the finish line. I don’t remember hearing anything other than my own splashes, I don’t remember thinking of anything else other than boat speed. Then I heard the bell, looked over at our opposition and I honestly couldn’t tell who’d got it. Apparently it went an all out sprint for the line from both crews, quite exciting I was told later on. We didn’t actually find out that we’d won until after we’d got our boat back to the trailer.

So, I now have two sculling points. Although I didn’t feel like I’d really earned the last one as it was a straight final. Still, those are the rules.

    Burton Regatta 2009 – Boating

Burton Regatta 2009 – Paddling to the start

Burton Regatta 2009 – Sprint for the finish

Burton Regatta 2009 – Pots

Unfortunately, we didn’t win on the Sunday. So just the one point for the weekend. I missed out, yet again, on a regatta burger because by the time I’d helper get the quad back to the club the burger stall had packed up for the day.

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