Gloucester Regatta 2009

On the 29th of August I travelled down to Ross-on-Wye to join my team mates who had been taking part in the Dragon Boat racing that day. I didn’t partake myself, I was only going there for the rowing/sculling.

On arriving at the campsite, I was quickly told that we might not have a race the following day. I was not too pleased to be hearing that! So, a call was made to Gloucester to let them know what one of our crew had pulled out and that we didn’t have enough people to make up a crew. We were very kindly offered the services of one of the Gloucester rowing club members. So, we were back on.

Since Gloucester is only a short 30 minute drive from Ross, we all camped over at Ross and were planning to drive over for our races on the Sunday. What we didn’t count on was a 9:05 am heat in our open IM3 eight. That meant we had to get up at 6:30am!!

So, with our scratch crew, we set off in our borrowed eight with our cox wearing a borrowed life jacket. How prepared were we!!

It actually went reasonably well, the boat did sit down to bow side a bit too often though.

We had quite a good start really, gaining half a length straight away. We then increased that lead gradually throughout the race and won our heat comfortably, if not a little messily!

The final didn’t follow the same pattern, while it was a close race I don’t think our opposition were ever in with a chance of losing it.

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