Slow Connection to TV section of MediaPortal

I’ve recently rebuilt my server and all my clients for my MediaPortal multi-seat configuration. I’ve been experiencing really slow access to the TV part of the software. When selecting TV from the main menu it would take 15-20 seconds before I could do anything else. I turned off my firewall initially, which seemed to fix the problem at first. But it only seemed that way because the delay was on the first access to the TV. So, we’ve been living with it for about a month now. Well, the other day I got a reply on the media portal forum that suggested disabling IPv6. Which I’ve now done on my server and 3 clients. The TV loads up with no delay at all now. So, I’m left thinking what use IPv6 is if it’s so slow. I admit I’m not an expert on networking, I’ve always done just enough to get it working for my own needs. It could be that my switches couldn’t cope with it, so windows was trying IPv6 first and failing and then falling back to IPv4.

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