My Home Network

I’ve just recently restored my blog from backups after having tried a few alternative blog engines. Well I’m back on wordpress and blogging again!

In restoring my blog I noticed my very first post from way back in 2005, it was all about my computer rack, which I way very proud of at the time. Looking back, it was all a bit OTT.

Anyway, I reckon it’s about time for an update!

I’ve gone through 2 different rack mount cases since 2005. Both 4U and very roomy. My MediaPortal TV server has been upgraded over the years to the state it is now, with 3 dual DVB-T tuners, a quad core AMD CPU and 4 gigabytes of RAM. Until recently it also had a 4 drive RAID5 in there with a hardware raid card. That is now retired (and soon to be appearing on ebay). It’s been replaced by a Drobo FS with 5 x 1TB hard drives and dual drive redundancy enabled.

My server is now in a Fractal Define XL case, but soon to be moved to a much smaller case because of the recent Drobo purchase no longer requiring me to house all those hard drives. It has also been moved out of the loft into a cupboard downstairs for easier access.

I have also upgraded the two network switches to a single 24-port gigabit switch. I have a separate 3com wireless access point for laptop/tablet use. Once I have moved my main PC out of the rack case it currently resides in, I will be dismantling the home made rack and moving all the network gear into a wall mounted rack case.

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