New Desk, New Office, Old PC!

My employer has very kindly bought me a sit/stand desk for my new home office. I say office, it’s actually just an area in a spare bedroom. First a little background…

My “old” office was kitted out with a huge corner desk. Well, it actually took up 2 sides of the room. The dimensions of the room are 10’2″ x 8’6″ (3.09m x 2.59m) and the desk took all but 30cm or so of each wall. It dates back to the old days of CRT monitors, of which I had two hue 19″ monster! So, I need the real estate in the corner for the monitors. But things have more on now and I’ve not had CRT monitors for many years. I’m a bit of a silent PC freak too, but I could never achieve it with the tech of the CRT days. I also don’t like having a massive box whirring away in my office. So, I put all my computer equipment in the loft with HDMI and USB cables running down the walls to my monitors and peripherals.

The “New Office” part of this post means that I’ve moved from one side of the house to the other, so rather than run extra long USB and HDMI cables and run the risk of signal loss/degradation I decided to move the equipment to the loft area just above where my “New Desk” is. I can tell you lugging a 2U rackmount 1400VA UPS across the loft space was no easy task. I’ve also got my work PC housing in a 4U rack mount case, pretty heavy and awkward but much easier than the UPS.

So, I now have my PC and UPS in the loft with some trunking in the corner of the spare bedroom running down to desk level. This houses 2 HDMI cables and 2 active USB3.0 extension leads. I’m still using USB2.0, but I figured I’d make it easy to upgrade in the near future.

I also had to move my monitors, speakers, keyboard, mouse, power switch, usb hub, etc etc to the desk and wire it all up. The next day I visited IKEA and bought the GALANT desk cable tidy, screwed it to the underside of the desk. In the process I had to remove the motor from the desk and ended up just resting it in the GALANT cable tidy.

So, this is how things look now. Bear in mind I am still in the process of finding a home for everything, so there is a bit of clutter. I also need to sort out the cabling on top of the desk to make it look neater. I’m still thinking about whether I need a dual monitor arm which will free up a lot of space under the monitors.


The desk can be adjusted via the control panel and has 3 memories. To set a memory it’s just a case of moving the desk to the desired height and pressing the S button following by one of the dotted (.    ..    …) buttons. Then it’s just a matter of holding down the dotted button to move the desk to the saved height.

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