The Cinema Experience

So, we went to see the new Avengers Assemble movie yesterday. Which, by the way, is awesome. But, as ever, before the movie there are some ads and trailers. Not too many on this occasion, for a change. However there was an “ad” claiming that the best possible way to experience movies is at the cinema. I beg to differ!

I should say straight away that I’m not your average cinema-goer. I have a dedicated cinema room at home with a full HD projector, a HTPC, PS3, XBox360 and a couple of lazy boy recliners. So, I was a bit disappointed that the screen was smaller (in terms of field of view) than the one I have at home. It was a bit like watching a 50″ TV in my opinion.

Also, the seats were horribly uncomfortable, even after having paid the ODEON extra for the “premier” seats. Actually, that’s probably why the screen size seemed small because the “premier” seats are stuck as far away from the screen as possible!

As I said I’m not an average viewer, but please, if I have to keep shifting around during a movie then how can I enjoy it fully? How can I lose myself in the world of the movie?

When I watch a movie at home I have amazing picture quality, really comfortable seats and great sound. I’ve sat for well over 4 hours in total comfort. I guess I have the benefit of being able to take a comfort break, which I think would upset the other movie-goers at the ODEON!!

Having said all that I will say that the sound was impressive in the cinema, but then so is my home setup. I do have soundproofed walls but I don’t like to crank the sound up too high if my little boy is sleeping upstairs. When I get the house to myself I tend to dial it up a few notches 🙂

So, I am left questioning how it’s a better experience at the cinema, especially when I have to contend with some late comers walking in front of me and other late comers being shown a seat with a torch. A little off putting to say the least. And although it didn’t happen this time I usually have idiotic teenagers fiddling around with their mobile phones during the movie.

I only wish the movie studios would realise that not everyone wants to see movies in that way and give us some better options for viewing them in the comfort of our own homes.

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