AppFabric Cache and Powershell Profile

I’ve been working with AppFabric caching for a recent project and have been managing it on my work machine by using the Cache Administration Powershell Console that it adds to the start menu as part of the installation process. Rather than having to load that powershell console up I decided to add it to my profile. I’d never had a use to the profile before now. So a quick google found Setting up a Profile script in PowerShell.

So I opened up my powershell console (which I have pinned to my taskbar) …

PS C:Usersantony> notepad $profile

I then added the following to my (current blank) profile ..

set COMPLUS_ApplicationMigrationRuntimeActivationConfigPath=%SystemRoot%System32AppFabric
Import-Module DistributedCacheAdministration

Now, when I open up my standard powershell console I can administer AppFabric


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