The latest incarnation of my TV Server

I recently wrote about how my home network has evolved over the years. Well, it happened again!

About 4 months ago a bought a HP Micro Server. It only cost about £120 after the £100 mail-in rebate. Admittedly its not got anywhere near the grunt that my old server had, but I didn’t really need that as the CPU sat idle 99.9% of the time. I invested in a black gold 4 tuner PCI Express card at the same time. So I just have that and a bunch of hard drives in there. It sits there all day recording umpteen different shows for my 3 year old boy and the odd programme for us to watch! It uses about 60 watts less power, which is a bonus, it also takes up a lot less space and produces less heat and noise. I actually ended up using the MicroATX case to house my new development PC.

The other simplification I have gone through recently is to dismantle my “home made” 19″ rack and move the switch, patch panel, router and wireless access point into a wall mounted 6U rack cabinet. Not only neater but also gives me back quite a bit of loft space!

My next job is to get rid of the patch panel. My justification for having it, apart from being “geek” cool was that I could change how I used any network port in the house. I haven’t done that once in over 5 years. So I’ve bought a label printer and am just going to put RJ45 connectors on the end of all the cat5e cables and label them all up.  I’ll still be able to change how use the network points but it will be that bit simpler.

After that I’ll have a few things to put on eBay!

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