NancyFx & Castle Windsor

I’ve just managed to fix a very odd problem with Castle Windsor and NancyFx. The error I was getting wasn’t much help at all really!

Can’t create component ‘Nancy.Routing.DefaultRouteCacheProvider’ as it has dependencies to be satisfied.
‘Nancy.Routing.DefaultRouteCacheProvider’ is waiting for the following dependencies:
– Service ‘System.Func`1[[Nancy.Routing.IRouteCache, Nancy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]’ which was not registered.

I’ve created a bootstrapper which among other this allows me to use a pre-existing container.

    public class NancyBootstrapper : WindsorNancyBootstrapper
        private readonly IWindsorContainer _container;

        public NancyBootstrapper(IWindsorContainer container)
            _container = container;

        protected override IWindsorContainer GetApplicationContainer()
            if (ApplicationContainer != null)
                return ApplicationContainer;

            _container.Kernel.Resolver.AddSubResolver(new CollectionResolver(_container.Kernel, true));
            _container.Kernel.ProxyFactory.AddInterceptorSelector(new NancyRequestScopeInterceptorSelector());
            return _container;

        protected override void RegisterBootstrapperTypes(IWindsorContainer applicationContainer)
            // Note: Do NOT do the line below, this will cause the container to be registered twice and Windsor will throw an exception
            // applicationContainer.Register(Component.For<INancyModuleCatalog>().Instance(this));

Thanks to Ricardo Campos for getting me started! But whenever I tried starting nancy in self-host mode I immediately got the “missing IRouteCache” problem.

            var bootstrapper = _container.Resolve<INancyBootstrapper>();

            var uri = WebServerUri;
            _nancyHost = new NancyHost(uri, bootstrapper);

After much googling, head scratching, silent cursing and putting the world to rights a few times, I stumbled across a Stack Overflow answer. After reading through the link provided in the answer ( I tried adding the suggested fix.

        protected override void ConfigureApplicationContainer(IWindsorContainer existingContainer)

            // some other cool stuff!

Hey presto, it was all working and all is well with the world once more, until I hit the next bug that defies logic!


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