Passing parameters to View Models in MvvmCross

So, today I needed to pass some information to a ViewModel in my MvvmCross application.

What I actually wanted to achieve was putting focus back the the user field in my login page, and after a few attempts I ended up simply calling ShowViewModel again in my Command method

        private async Task LoginCommand()
            if (await _loginService.Login(LoginId, Pin))
                ShowViewModel<HomeViewModel>(new { });
                ShowViewModel<LoginViewModel>(new { error = "Login failed, please try again." });

Which meant I needed to pick up that error value in the view model, so I could tell the user that something wasn’t quite right.

It’s as simple as overriding InitFromBundle …

        protected override void InitFromBundle(IMvxBundle parameters)
            if (parameters.Data.ContainsKey("error"))
                Error = parameters.Data["error"];

Hope that helps!


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