New Development PC

This started off as a blog entry, but i’ve decided to move it into a proper web page.

I have recently built a new PC for my general use, but mainly to use as a fast PC for software development. I’ve not taken the normal route for this. Rather than having a PC in the office, I have built a rack mounted PC and added it to my existing 19″ rack. I have run an active USB extension cable through the walls into the office, along with a headphone extension cable (which will go straight into my speakers) and a DVI extender. The extender takes the DVI signal from the PC and sends it to a receiver box in the study over CAT5e cabling. So far it seems to be working brilliantly. The only downside is that it’s eerily quiet! It’s a very wierd sensation to have all that computing power with absolutely no noise. It’s so quiet now that I can hear a faint buzzing noise from my LCD monitor.

The specification for the PC (so far) is :-

CPU Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Memory 8 GB DDR2 800
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P
System Hard Drive 2 x 160 GB Western Digital SATA2 in a RAID1
Graphics Sapphire 512MB Radeon HD 3650

The next step will be to build a RAID0 for the data drive. But I am not sure how many hard drives to put in it. I have the option of going for up to 6 drives, but there is a trade off with the reliability of it. The more drives the more vulnerable it is to failure. But, it’ll be data that will be backed up elsewhere anyway.

Update – 15th September 2008
I create a RAID0 array with a couple of spare maxtor SATA hard drives. I now have a 380 GB drive, which I’ve mounted into my work folder, rather than mess around trying to get all my development projects working in a different folder structure.

I spent a fair bit of time yesterday installing all my software. One thing I fell foul of, and only discovered the solution for it today, was that SQL2005 Enterprise Edition isn’t supported under Vista. So I downloaded the Developer Edition from MSDN (I have a subscription). And all is well now. After I installed SP2 that is.

I am now in the process of getting my web development solution to build and run. The building of it worked fine, and very quickly. Well, it should do given the specs of my new PC 😀

All I need to do now is to transfer the database onto the new PC.

The specification now looks like this:-

CPU Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Memory 8 GB DDR2 800
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P
System Hard Drive 2 x 160 GB Western Digital SATA2 in a RAID1
Data Hard Drive 2 x 200 GB Maxtor SATA in a RAID0
Graphics Sapphire 512MB Radeon HD 3650

I have also given up on using a DVI – CAT5e extender as it seems pretty flakey. The picture gets corrupted sometimes. It also dissappears completely when I switch my desk lamp on, the shower is switched on or my mobile phone does anything!! I already had a 15 metre DVI cable which I used to use for my projector. So I just ran that along side the USB and Audio cables.

Update – 15th September 2008 (later that same day)
In order to get my website talking to the database I had to change my NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE used to be aliased to dbo on all the relevant databases and also give that used the db_datareader and db_datawriter roles for those databases. It now connects to the database.

Update – 15th September 2008 (the plot thickens)
To get Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX working under Vista I had to add an entry to the web.config file. I actually found the solution on the telerik support forums, here.

Basically I had to add this …..
other stuff is already here…
type=”Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource, Telerik.Web.UI”
preCondition=”integratedMode,runtimeVersionv2.0″ >

Update – 14th April 2010
I did upgrade the disk sub-system some time back now. It is now a RAID10 using 4 x Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB drives. All on the ICH9R RAID controller on the motherboard. It is much much quicker now than when I had the RAID1 on the GIGABYTE controller.



Inside of Case



Some photos. I did take a lot more than these, but since I changed the motherboard after the initial build in order to get more SATA RAID ports it’s not really relevant!


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  4. This is a bit out of date now. I’ve since built another PC based on a Core i7 with 32GB RAM and a couple of SSDs. That too is history as I’m now using a laptop with 32GB RAM, Core i7 and twin SSDs. It’s much nicer to be able to take it with me wherever I go and also to not have to sync anything. (I previously had a laptop and desktop, having just the one makes life a little simpler!)

  5. I work purely from a laptop plugged in to a docking station these days. A Dell XPS 15 9560. 32GB RAM Core i7, 512GB SSD. Very fast, very easy to pick up and go.

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