About me

I am software developer and have been pretty much as long as I can remember! My interest in computers started when I was 10 years old with the Dragon 32. I played games on that to start with but soon developed an interested in getting it to do what I wanted. So I taught myself BASIC and started writing some simple programs. I then moved on to an IBM PC Clone with a whopping 640KB of memory and an 8Mhz 8088-2 processor, it also had a 10MB hard drive. I’m pretty sure I have a few MP3 files that are bigger than that now, but it was a big step up from using a tape drive to store my programs on! I taught myself Pascal and C and have lots of fun writing all sorts of fairly useless software!!

Since then I’ve had a succession of IBM PC clones, all of which I built myself. I also went through a period of having a 19″ rack which I built myself and populated with a server, switches, router, patch panels amongst other things. My home has Cat5e cable running to most rooms, but I’ve progressed to just having a wall mounted rack for the switch and patch panel in the loft. My router is downstairs and I’ve moved away from a huge 4u server to a drobo (soon to be migrated to a synology) NAS and a HP microserver.

I make extensive use of MediaPortal. I have the TV server running on the microserver and a number of client PCs, all using SSDs and access the TV server for recorded/live tv and the NAS for movies/music/photos.

I used to be a regular gym attendee and took up Indoor Rowing (on Concept2 rowing machine) for a number of years. The pinnacle of which was placing 11th in the 30-34 Male Heavyweight category at the 2005 British Indoor Rowing Championships (BIRC). I’ve yet to best the time I set on that day of 6:25.6 for 2000 metres.

I joined Trent Rowing Club in October 2007 and have been going ever since. I had a year or two off after my son was born in October 2009 but am back and enjoying it immensely. I regularly compete at local regattas / head races and have won a few pots/points.

Yellow Boat

I enjoy watching movies, more on my home setup than at the cinema. I have a Mitsubishi HC6000 projector, hooked up to my Dolby Digital/DTS amplifier which is connected to my KEF KHT Sub/Sat system. I prefer watching movies on that as I find I get a better picture and sound quality and also a complete lack of other people talking all the way through the movie! And I get take a “comfort” break whenever I want. When was the last time you got the projectionist to pause the movie at your local cinema?!


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