Standing up to work: Day 3

09:26 – standing at my desk ready to start the day
11:41 – still standing and not feeling any aches yet 🙂
15:32 – still standing and not really aching that much at all.
17:15 – off to run an errand
18:00 – a bit more work!
18:47 – all done for the day and no sitting down.

My legs aren’t aching as such, but I can feel that I’ve been using them, does that make sense?! Time for a well deserved sit down now my working day is done.


Standing up to work: Day 2

08:06 – powered up my PC ready for the work day. Standing up.
10:20 – had a skype meeting (just under half an hour), very cool being able to step back from the desk while talking
12:10 – off out to run an errand
13:00 – back at my desk, still standing.
16:15 – finishing early today. but managed to stand for the whole day, albeit a shorter day and with a few very short breaks (30 seconds or so)

Standing up to work: Day 1

Today was my first full working day using my shiny new sit/stand desk. I’ve decided to (try and) keep a diary of my experiences using it.

After I got it all set up last week I have used it in short spells, up to an hour at a time, totalling 4-5 hours of use. Perhaps that has stood (no pun intended) me in good stead for the coming onslaught to my legs that is standing up all day (or most of it). Historically I have been seated for most of the day, only getting up to pay a visit to the fridge/freezer/kettle! So, this could be interesting.

08:45 – starting my first “work” day with the new desk

13:15 – lunch time and my legs are starting to ache, but I’m eating my lunch while standing and reading stuff on my screens

15:47 – feet are a bit hot and my knees ache

16:57 – knees/legs are aching too much now. I’ve adjusted the desk to a height of 71cm and am now sitting down

18:04 – getting frustrated with a complicated bit of code, so I’ve decided to stand up to work through it.

18:30 – no joy on the code, so calling it quits for now

21:58 – i need to get that code sorted so I’m working again (and standing)

23:15 – definitely calling it a day now

Standing Total = 9:29 (8:12 + 1:17)

I think that’s possibly the longest I’ve ever stood up! Although to be fair I was leaning on the desk quite a lot. I’m finding that I tend to use one leg as my main support and swap legs quite often. I also adjust my stance quite regularly from (as my 2 year old’s football coach would say) “standing like a soldier” to “standing like a star”. Although, I don’t do the hand movements!